Dezyne E'cole College

Approved by government of Rajasthan


The wonderful and vibrant environment at Dezyne E’cole College offers quality learning resources and opportunities for social and intellectual engagement. The flow of energy is easily visible among the creative students,management students and the intellectual information technology students at work, in the act of creation and having some fun chats during their breaks. When you aren’t busy with classes and assignments (which are quite rigorous!) there are activities and events that make the campus experience more meaningful. It is a place where lifelong learnings and relationships are created, encouraging a spirit of collaboration, respect and responsibility. The cafeteria is the best place where the students love sitting and talking for hours.

The students enjoy with cultural events like the Identity Exhibition,which is their work exhibition showcasing their skills which they learn at the college .Kaleidoscope which is their cultural annual meet ,here they dance ,sing and do whatever they feel they are best at and present themselves in front of their parents and other guests. The campus is active and full of chaos at the Lunch Break where they all run around and do all crazy things you can see them wild in the campus photographs here.

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