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Commercial Interior Design

Programme of Study - Interior Design

Course Intent

To meet the dynamics of Design education, a Foundation Programme, common to all fashion and interior design diploma programme has been designed so that the student can excel in their chosen industry programmes of their university courses of Design. The Diploma first year is designed to orient and sensitise students towards understanding of the fundamentals of fashion/interior business namely design, technology and management in the right socio-cultural perspective. The programme focus is to build the base for future learning of the design and technology function. The second year of the diploma programme focus more on design development as this makes the student industry ready and job ready right after 3 years of his/her degree programme/masters programme. The diploma programmes are very practical and project handling is taught to the students during this program.

Objectives of the Diploma Programme

To provide an overview and orientation to the design industry requirement. To introduce the context and academic structure of the design and technology curriculum.

To provide for an enhanced environment for thinking, learning and gestation. To ensure a fundamental and common approach for fashion /interior industry in consonance with the emerging challenges and needs of the industry and the overall vision and goal of De’cole.

To provide uniform basic knowledge and skill competencies generic to the disciplines of design and technology.

Diploma Programme Fashion /Interior Design provides student basic essential knowledge and skill based competencies, generic to design towards conceptualisation and ideation. This develops core competencies and conceptualisation specific to chosen disciplines. Specialisation, industrial internships and projects lead the students to acquire professional competencies.


The Design and Technology core encompass a strong integrated skill and knowledge base essential to the design industry. Exploration with various materials will enhance basic understanding and appreciation of aesthetic sense process leading to product choice realisation. To understand the intricacies of design, inputs in geometry and visualisation and representation and elements of design are a part of the foundation programme. The skill and ability to think from multiple perspectives through creative thinking is provided, which would lead to ideation, conceptualisation and communication for design. Envisioning and inculcating ethical and aesthetic values would lead to understanding and expression of physical, psychological, professional and ergonomic concerns.

All these developments have given spurt to the interior design industy to develop these constructed spaces. These spaces need to planned well if they are the residential areas. The planning of spaces is the first foundation of a good design students learn the skill of planning based on the various parameters of climatology, daylighting, building envelope etc.

The Interior Designer is the person responsible for designing a space where the house adjusts to the needs of the person and not the person adjusting to the house as we generally do. They are the creators of machines for living as rightly said by the designer who designed the city of Chandigarh ,Le Corbusier.

Another very important design sector is the commercial design sector ,which deals with the store and retail, visual merchandising presentation. The students are taught how a person's buying behaviour changes and what design layouts are needed to arouse the person for buying a product. The student prototypes the complete design area on the computer and gives more attention to develop a sustainable design.

The interior designer should possess great observation skills and eye for detail as this will lead him to design better and effectively. This is a very practical arena and at Dezyne E’cole the diploma programme is focussed mainly on the industry needs and then designed to train the students as per the industry. This Programme along with the university ‘s theoretical concepts equips the student more stronger for the Interior Design World.

Exit Profile

Course Contents

2 Year
Diploma In Interior Design-Commercial Design
Design Development -Commercial Design
Acoustics/Building Envelope
Cavity walls/Damp Proofing
3Ds Max Design Development
Visual Merchandising
Ventilation/Plumbing/Building Construction
Portfolio Making
Presentation of the Project
Autocad -3D

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