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Decole Advantages

Today DezyneE’colehas emerged as a leader with the ability to integrate knowledge, Academic freedom, critical independence and creative thinking. A history of being in Existencefor 6 years in Ajmer stands as a testimony to our fundamentals where Academic excellence lies at the core. The college has stood as a beacon of serious Critical engagement, a key enabler in developing competent professionals in the field of Design, Management and Information Technology. DezyneE’colestarted in the year 2008 under the management of the Suraj Narayan UchhTakanikiShikshanSansthan with only four rooms and with a strength of 10 students enrolled in the Fashion.

And Interior Design Diploma Programme. In the year 2009 the school was granted Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Fashion and Interior Design by the Mewar University and Maharishi Dayanand University ,Ajmer. Further the college was given the authority by the government of Rajasthan in the Year 2010 to use the word College and since then Dezyne E’cole College became the Name. In the year 2011 college expanded further and was declared a regular college With the granting of authority by the university of Ajmer.

This led to the expansion of Collegeand addition of two more courses with Dezyne E’cole,the Department of Management leading to award of Degree in Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA),and Information Technology leading to award of Bachelors Degree in Computer Application was added. From then, until now, DezyneE’colehas Scaled high academic standards.

The college campus has a building constructed in the year 1930 on the style of British Colonial by RaiBahadurDr.SurajNarayan Ji. He was the First Civil Surgeon of Ajmer and his contribution to the city can be seen by the letter gifted by the people of Ajmer in his name.

This building facilitates the students training based on skill development .This building housesa huge assembly hall with a ceiling height of 30’. This building is nearly 84 years old and has a beautiful lush green garden surrounding it with varieties of plants like Fish Tail Palm, Bottle Palm,Roses ,Cycus. A lot of peacocks can be seen in this garden.

The campus has another building constructed on the same lines of ancient architecture, more like Roman Architecture Style. This building has various class rooms named after Birds like Flamingo, Kingfisher, Peacock, etc.

Here the students have a separate zone to display their Portfolio, which they develop during their course of study. The college has a cafetaria, where students sit and talk, generate beautiful ideas.The college campus is wi-fi connected and this helps student to connect them with the knowledge zone of Wikipedia, archives of Design, Management, Information Technology, which they require for their presentation or thesis.The college has a librarycalled as Thesaurus, which helps student to developtheir knowledge better.

There are many more areas to which a student is subjected at DezyneE’cole, which nurtures and develops the student into more industry friendly individual right after he/she passes out. Dezyne E’cole has been recognised by the Government of Rajasthan, NASSCOM, MSME, NSDC, RASCI, Design Clinic,INDEAS,Mewar University,Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati University,and Punjab Technical University.At Dezyne E’cole students are developed more on skills and they are subjected to industry internships.
Decolians can be seen in the industry like :

  • HCL

Decolians are very smart and technically skilled in their fields of expertise.

The faculty resource of the college has grown into a Community of leading practitioners, education enthusiasts ,entrepreneurs, creative Thinkers, researchers and analysts.

Through its journey, DezyneE’colehas achieved Strong academic strategy. Invigorating through leadership ,research stimulus ,Industry focus, creative enterprise And peer learning have reinforced the colleges academic bedrock. Fostering a newGeneration of creative thinkers.Today the college is empowered to award Degrees in Undergraduate, Postgraduate studies in the field of Fashion ,Interior, Management and Information Technology. Articulating the ideology of world class learning practices ,the College has entered into strategic alliances with leading universities.The college has been Committedto academic Excellence in education .The vision of the college embraces Challenges and provides the impetus in setting highest academic standards. DezyneE’cole continues to strive to be nothing but the Best.!

The vision of Dezynee’coleensures that it has a physical environment that reflects the college’s academic ideals.

DezyneE’colepromises students a skill based future to excel in life so we practice here

Today A Reader, Tommorrow A Leader

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