Dezyne E'cole College

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Our Strengths

The Students

The academic strategy of the college places the students as one of its prime assets. The college is committed to provide a stimulating environment that allows the students to learn and develop from their first year of study. With a view to encourage team building, trust & motivation among students, the college conducts an Lifestyle workshop for students as a part of the academic plan. The workshop aims to put the ‘bigger picture’ in front of the students and helps them individually to introspect and discover themselves from a fresh perspective. ‘Behavioural training’ complements the classroom inputs to maximize learning. The workshop integrates aspects like teamwork, planning & co-ordination, personal & social communication, lateral thinking, self exploration and self realization. The academic core is designed to facilitate multidisciplinary study that assimilates aesthetic and industrial dynamics across levels and disciplines. It is this integrated learning at De’cole that provides a unique platform to its students transforming them into professionals and Preparing them for a wide variety of careers. Cutting across specialisms, the students are encouraged to work with a cohesive approach to learning.

Critical appraisal

Critical appraisal at every step encourages self Improvement. The evaluation system closely monitors the students' evolution through the course study. The evaluation pattern focuses on the gamut of learning practices and corresponding evaluation tools like task based assignments, research papers and written examinations throughout the academic calendar. Interactive juries and viva-voice provide qualitative evaluation in the overall growth of the students. The critical appraisal also assesses the students ability to collate and correlate learning from various inputs as a demonstrated outcome through presentations and displays.


This is a unique initiative and stands for Written, Oral, Reading and Kinesthetic learning. Students receive input in these areas pertaining to the use of English. This will be an ongoing process across terms. The ultimate aim is to ensure that students achieve a comfortable proficiency with the English language in a professional and sophisticated manner, which will help them in the placement and employment process. The understanding of kinesthetics will be of particular value to build self-confidence in students. Delivery of related input will be done through a series of workshops in which students will be made to practically undergo exercises in the four areas identified by the acronym, WORK. The progress made by the students will be monitored over the terms. It is essential that they show significant improvement in these areas in order to be eligible for the placement process.

Industrial dynamics

The emphasis is on professional development of the students. The teaching methodology promotes interactivity,critical to students, understanding,development and maturity. Students undertake class room along with workshop assignments, conduct field studies, participate in group discussions and critique sessions. Hands on experience on live industry projects allows the students to brace themselves for the industry and other entrepreneurial possibilities. The course curriculum accommodates student interaction with the industry through internships, ringing in requisite insight and appreciation of industry diktats.

Centers For Excellence

Dezyne E’cole works on a system where each student is subjected to certain developments. These are known as Centers Of Excellence, through this work system every student of Dezyne E’cole is groomed and is confident. This is clearly seen in students, right after they complete their first year of education at the college Centers for excellence supplement and hone the skills that students receive by scheduled coursework. These centers are practically oriented and the input given to students is based on activities rather than on theoretical learning.

MASS(Maximizing Aces in Soft Skill)

MASS was created because recruiters to the school of business prefer students who possess outstanding academic grades and a strong grounding in soft skills. Employers are of the opinion that training in soft skills for business graduates is primarily the responsibility of the B-school and look to the college to take the initiative here. To meet this end, the students need a well-rounded awareness and knowledge about relevant soft skills, such as personality development, business etiquette, grooming, presentation skills, workplace conduct, and business awareness. The key objective of training students in soft skills is to prepare them adequately and methodically as per the requirements of the career advancement, and in line with the expectations of industry.

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