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Men's Wear Design

Programme of Study - Fashion Design

Fashion Design

This will enable students to further develop an understanding of fashion design process along with relevant market segments. The students will develop understanding and skills in pattern development for MensWear and Kids Wear. It will also provide advanced knowledge and skills in pattern cutting, construction and taking into account properties of various fabric types. Students will develop the ability to use appropriate research techniques leading to proper selection of data, assimilation and analysis and basic knowledge and skills in the area of product development, co-ordination of merchandise and apply different techniques of costing. The module will also focus on students understanding of marketing plan and strategies of existing brands in the growing domestic and foreign markets.

Industry Internship

This module will enable students to apply understanding of fashion design process along with Fashion forecasting and trend study. It will further develop student’s illustration, graphic and visualization skills. The module will focus on advanced knowledge in pattern cutting for Evening Wear and Indian Occasional Wear by addressing a market oriented design brief. Students will be exposed to the entrepreneurial process by providing a framework for learning. Through this module students will also be able to develop knowledge of various production methods to evaluate various clothing manufacturing systems and equipment in the industry.

The industry internship will expose the students to prevalent commercial and industrial practice to reinforce their theoretical knowledge with practical experience. It will develop students’ ability to work as an effective and willing member of a team and to sharpen their problem-solving skills. The module will provide an understanding of the pressures of a fast-moving industry and to increase their motivation to engage in academic work through the experience of applying knowledge.

The basic aims of the Final Design Project is to enable students to draw upon and integrate learning of all the modules across all the levels and to apply this integrative learning to identify, create and solve design problems/ opportunities in the apparel industry. This module also focuses on tie of all the various strands of learning together into a significant body of work and to generate a design concept, or product philosophy from the initial idea through to final realization, product strategy and promotion.This project is the culmination of student’s personal ideas and investigations towards the realization of an original, creative and innovative body of work. Throughout this module students will be encouraged to work more independently, setting their own briefs, focusing on problem solving and working towards their objectives.

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