Kaleidoscope Annual Function

Kaleidoscope is the annual cultural programme of Decolians. In this annual function, students showcase their skills of Dance, Drama, Singing and Instrumental music.  In this function students are awarded with the prizes, who have topped or done extremely well in Academics or other activities done throughout the year in college.

The name of the function “Kaleidoscope” in itself explains that it is a show of colors, different patterns and integrity of diversity of Indian culture.

Every year this Annual function is witnessed by Chief Guest, eminent people of society, Principal of various Schools and Parents of students studying in our college.

Many eminent chief guests have graced our annual function in last few years like “Rajasthan State Minister of Education” Shri Vasudev Devnani ji.  “Rajasthan State Minister” Shri. Shiv Shankar Heda Ji. “Divisional Commisioner of Ajmer Distt.” Mr. Atul Sharma Ji. “Divisional Commisioner of Ajmer Distt.” Mrs. Kiran Soni Gupta Ji etc.