Identity exhibition

 'IDENTITY' is the name of the students work exhibition. Every year this IDENTITY exhibition is organized on different concepts like once it was on ‘JUGAD INNOVATION’ Talking about how the product market should focus on frugal ideas of product development, next it was on the concept of ‘SMART CITY’ as to how and what are Smart citie and why do we need to develop them in future . Last year  it was on ‘HOOKED MODEL’ as to how the social networking or the product making areas hook customers to buy their products .  It is conducted every year with the presentations of their Portfolios and working in the presence of Eminent Judges, Parents, students of different schools and visitors for all the departments at Decole.

Students felt great ownership of their work during this event because they want to make a difference and they knew their work would have an audience beyond their teachers.

The energy levels of Decolians are through the roof during this exhibition. Not only were students and parents energetic, but teachers and administrators are incredibly enthusiastic.

Exhibitions are hard work, but they are also in an era of high-stakes testing, work exhibitions provide teachers and students with the joy of teaching and learning. Exhibitions provide parents with insight into the instructional vision of a college.

The students are energetic to present their work more enthusiastically in front of more judges to move ahead higher up in Career!

let’s have a glimpse of the students with few of our judges at the Identity Exhibition .