Course Intent

The 3 yrs. Bachelor of Vocational Studies in Interior Design ( B.Voc) is a degree course affiliated to Rajasthan ILD Skills University. The course has been aligned as per the NSQF level. In 1st year curriculum will be aligned as per NSQF level 4 & 5. In 2nd Year NSQF level 6 and in 3rd Year curriculum will be aligned as per NSQF level 7.

As more and more spaces need to be adapted for a variety of purposes, the interior design and build industry requires individuals capable of a sensitive approach towards design, with in-depth technical understanding and detailed knowledge of practical modes of timely and cost-effective execution.The Interior Design and Build course at Decole focuses on spatial design with sensitivity to materials, processes, cost and users. The course provides opportunities for students via these learning experiences: internship for first-hand experience of a variety of contexts, hands-on workshop learning, development of visualisation, presentation and experimental skills, and sound technical knowledge.The course aims to equip the learners with key disciplines of Interior Design in the residential and commercial sector. This course is for the inquisitive /curious minded students who would like to work and grow in the profession of Interior design. With a focus on technical skills, the curriculum aims at teaching the students the essentials and the process of Interior Design. Students work on project based exercises with the learning and understanding of interior space planning; develop technique for Drawing, Documentation and The Interior Design and Build course is a systematic approach to a project in which the entire process of design and construction is streamlined and undertaken by a single entity. The course will explore new innovations that are changing the face of design-build interiors.

This course is an intensive, practice-based and practice-oriented training. Emphasis is given to extensive internships in industry, hands-on workshop learning, skill development in visualisation and representation. The core skills acquired through the above to build a well-rounded designer are:

  • Sound technical knowledge and project implementation skills.
  • Sensitivity to design quality, innovation and aesthetic characteristics.
  • Material and ecological responsiveness and cultural awareness.
No. of Seats 30
Eligibility 12th (any stream)
Duration 3 year
Award B. Voc. Interior Design (Rajasthan ILD Skills University)



Rajasthan ILD Skills University

Learning Outcome

  • Students learn technical skills, new technology, working documents of interior design.
  • They integrate the process of design by working on projects, initially working with designers in the industry and taking on professional task responsibilities.
  • Students interact and participate in projects with Industry experts and specialists and get hands on learning on live projects. The theoretical learning under expert guidance.
  • The student is able to understand the market trends, client needs, project potentials
  • The student is able to create human responsive spaces and ensure project execution.

Course Content

Year 1

At the end of year 1 students will: Have a thorough understanding of basics of space, layouts and materials. Have skills to observe record & represent accurately. Be equipped with the fundamentals of space making, design process and interior materials, technical conventions. Students start with a three month combined design foundation in which they work on concepts of visual communication, design elements and principles, which leads to the comprehension and interaction with space and form. Students also learn basic software skills and exploration in materials.

Year 2

Introduction to Interior Design includes exploring the, principles and elements, of design processes; residential space planning, kitchen design, and furniture arrangement fundamentals with emphasis on design drawings and professional presentation form. Materials and Textiles Overview of Specifications, Relative Costs, Performance properties and installation methods of materials; including textiles used in interior design, are also an integral parts of the course.

Year 3

Students investigate the design of healthcare, institutional, hospitality, retail, office environments, and identify basic historical exterior styles. Sustainable Design Discussions of environmental movements, Designer responsibility, legislation and application of lighting fixtures are an important part of the course. Students will integrate sustainable strategies to develop design solutions for a variety of small-scale projects. Industry orientation is provided to the students by participating in industry projects and through an integrated four month Internship.

Interior Design and Build – Employment Opportunities

After 1st year

Students will be able to work as entry-level designers in a design build team, interfacing between senior designers and contractors.

After 2nd year

Students will be able to manage a design build team interfacing between clients, consultants and contractors.

After 3rd year

Students will be able to manage several design build teams, strategize and implement financial plans and represent themselves and their organization at every professional level.

Career Opportunities

  • Interior Design & Architecture firms
  • Infrastructure & property developers
  • Furniture Manufacturing
  • Design firms
  • Building Material and Interior Product Vendor
  • Municipal and Town Planning Departments