• Machine Learning Challenges: What to Know Before Getting Started

    The rewards of machine learning can be compelling, and it may make you want to get started, now. At the same time, however, you'll want to consider machine learning challenges before you start your own project. This article isn’t meant to scare you away; rather, it’s meant to ensure you’re prepared and that you’re carefully thinking about what you’ll need to consider before you get started.

  • Two Mental Processes In Decision-Making
    31 Mar. 2018 Management

    There are two fundamentally different mental processes at work in choice decisions. We have already considered the most obvious one, the weighing up of alternatives. But there is another process that consumers and advertisers tend to be less conscious of. Weighing up the alternatives is one thing. Which alternatives get weighed up is another! Which alternatives get weighed up?

  • Life in a Smart Home
    31 Mar. 2018 Interior Design

    Experiences of living in a smart home and we wonder if it’s that long before all of us can enjoy the benefits of living in a smart home…..

  • Passion Story Of Coco Chanel: Nothing But Glamorous
    31 Mar. 2018 Fashion Design

    "DRESS shabbily & they remember the dress; dress impeccably & they remember the woman." ----- Coco Chanel

  • What do you write in Interior Design Plans?
    30 Mar. 2018 Interior Design

    An interior Design schematic presentation or 'Plan' is required for several purposes. In later part of middle ages, it was required when designers began to work out of their design studios or city based offices, rather then working on the site workshops.