Committing To Success

The Gold Commitment is both a commitment to the different departments of college, long the gold standard of higher education, and to the success of each and every Dezyne E’cole student, who will take their place as leaders — not just in the workplace, but in the world.

Our alumni embody this commitment. They spread far and wide, shaping industry and transforming communities wherever they go. And they begin making their mark just as soon as they leave Decole.

The Gold Commitment

  • PROMISES STUDENTS that Decole faculty, staff, alumni and trustees will provide a distinctive and relevant Decole liberal arts education that results in a life of meaning and means.
  • ASSURES ALUMNI that the value of their Decole degree maintains its value, especially with their ongoing support of our students and graduates.
  • PROMISES EMPLOYERS AND GRADUATE SCHOOLS that they can expect well-prepared and accomplished graduates.
  • EXPECTS FROM STUDENTS that they fully invest in the Decole Portfolio of rigorous academics and robust experiences and graduate in good standing within three years.
  • GUARANTEES that Decole’s skilled education will lead to post-graduate engagement. If not, Decole will provide an entry-level professional opportunity or Internship.

The Student's Responsibility within the Commitment

Above all, we expect students to be members in good standing of the larger community and to represent themselves and Decole with character and integrity. They must be responsible members of this community.

Next, they must participate fully in the opportunities within our student development activities, and the College is prepared to advise them from day one to ensure they are not only advancing in their studies, but taking advantages of hands-on experiences Decole provides, or that they discover on their own. Finally, they must actively seek a career path or post-graduate school acceptance, with which Decole can also help them.

Participating in and reflecting on co-curricular activities that are readily available will be part of the requirements if they want to take advantage of the guarantee. Once again, most students are already doing these things and more, but the Commitment helps us codify these in a holistic way.

Specifically, here are the Commitment's student eligibility requirements:

Academic Portfolio

  • Fulfill curricular requirements and graduate within 3 Years or 6 semesters with distinction works or as per the recruitment company requirement.
  • Adhere to the standards set out in the Decole College Academic Integrity Policy (as defined in the Student Handbook / STUDENT OBLIGATIONS) with no lapses that result in an entry in the student’s permanent record.

Experience Portfolio

  • Fulfill the requirements of the experience portfolio.
  • Meet with Commitment (Placement) adviser at least once each semester or a year

Good Community Citizen

  • Remain a student in good standing (as defined in the Decole College Student Handbook) throughout enrollment with no violation of the College’s Title XII Policy or community standards infractions that result in deferred suspension or suspension as defined in the Student Handbook.
  • Have no criminal conviction other than traffic violations.
  • Fulfill all financial obligations to Decole.