Course Intent

Dezyne Ecole college in affiliation with NSDC ( National Skill Development Corporation ) has announced admission open in 1st Year (Women Wear) and 2nd Year (Men’s Wear) Diploma programs.

These diploma programs build a strong foundation in terms of design sense, conceptualization, independent research, creative application and Fashion design runs the gamut from women‘s wear to menswear. Students are also introduced to various historic fashion and art movements as exemplars and how these influence contemporary fashion. This is the very reason why fashion houses, designer labels, luxury brands, apparel retail brands and ready-to-wear fashion industries seek our students.

Through this program students complete their 2nd year diploma will undergo an in-depth industry experience, which includes industry internship followed by a final design project. The intense 1st & 2nd years of study culminates in a graduation fashion show called PORTFOLIO. At this gala event, our students’ creative fashion collections are staged at Kaleidoscope. This event helps the student to showcase their design skills to the industry.

No. of Seats 30 + 30
Eligibility 12th (any stream)
Duration 1 year + 1 Year
Award 1st Year Diploma in Fashion Design (NSDC+MSDE+AMH+Decole)
Award 2nd Year Advance Diploma in Fashion Design (NSDC+MSDE+AMH+Decole)



National Skill Development Corporation

Exit Profile

The fashion industry is exploding and everyone, it seems, is vying for a part in the action. To get ahead in the business and sit with the ranks of Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, you as an aspiring designer should have some other same qualities as the world’s top designer. Here are some of the qualities you’ll need to succeed as a designer:

1. Good Communication

A number of people are involved in the creation of a garment, and as designer, you must be able to effectively communicate to everyone involved what he or she expects.

2. Highly Creative and Knowledgeable of Current Fashion Trends

You have a great sense of style and are constantly coming up with new ideas for fashions.

3. Strong Drawing Skills

Excellent drawing skills mean you can easily sketch your ideas onto paper/computer to start the production process.

4. Good Eye for Materials

You have an eye for the materials of a garment, as well as the elements that make it unique, such as color and fabric.

5. Draping and Strong Sewing skills

Good Draping and Pattern Development Skills to Create Better Styles. You can construct the garments you design. You understand what materials work best in the designs you are developing.

6. Strong Visualization Abilities

Good fashion designers can visualized a garment before ever putting an idea on paper. You can see the finished product well before production and can put your ideas into words and onto paper so others can grasp the idea as well.