Identity Exhibition 2019

Identity Exhibition 2019

Friday at 09:00 AM
on November 29th 2019

Meet the Creatives of 2019
At Dezyne E'cole students get a chance to hone their talent, garner new skills and also get a platform to showcase their work through the Grad Show named as "Identity".

Our students through their body of work have become ambassadors of creative excellence and have brought glory and repute to the institution.

' IDENTITY ' Dezyneecolian students work exhibition is the presentations of their Portfolios and working in the presence of Eminent Judges .This Grad show has the students of Graphic Design, Fashion Design ,Interior Design,BBA and BCA presenting their ideas and work ,and at the same time creating their Identity .

Students felt great ownership of their work because they wanted to make a difference and they knew their work would have an audience beyond their teachers.

The energy level was through the roof at the exhibition. Not only were students and parents energetic, but teachers and administrators were incredibly enthusiastic. They were appropriately proud of their students.

Exhibitions are hard work, but they are also joyful. In an era of high-stakes testing, work exhibitions provide teachers and students with the joy of teaching and learning.Exhibitions provide parents with insight into the instructional vision of a college.

We Thank all our esteemed jury members for being at the Graduate Show of Dezyneecolians " IDENTITY".


You Tube Link:- Annual Students Works Exhibition Teaser - Identity 2019