Course Intent

The course has been aligned as per the NSQF level. In 1st& 2nd year curriculum will be aligned as per NSQF level 8. The course aims to equip the learners with key disciplines of fashion design and entrepreneurship including understanding of indigenous and global fashion, planning and management of creative enterprises, business communication, and fashion marketing.

The course encourages learners to start-up a Fashion business, apply knowledge and practical understanding of fashion product, processes, supply chain, market and trends, to attribute unique features to the enterprise. Business incubator in the campus will provide enterprise management training and networking support for the start-ups initiated by the learner.

No. of Seats 30
Eligibility B.Voc or Completed NSQF level 7
Duration 2 year
Award Master of Vocational Studies (M.Voc)



Rajasthan ILD Skills University

Learning Outcome

  • Articulate understanding of global fashion industry.
  • Interpret and communicate design ideas and technical specifications.
  • Realize visual design using pattern making and construction techniques.
  • Identify manufacturing and production process in various apparel types.
  • Apply marketing and promotion skills for brand development.
  • Value quality and processes necessary for design and commercial impact
  • Develop entrepreneurial acumen along with business communication skills
  • Establish effective relationship with the fashion industry through extensive internship
  • Conduct research through relevant methodology and derive solutions and conclusions
  • Prepare a robust business plan and work with transforming technologies and utilize opportunities to enter in creative & fashion industry

Course Content

The 2 year PG course in Fashion Design at Decoleeffectively integrates the global fashion theories and the entrepreneurial aspect of Fashion. Mentoring and training by industry professionals and experts from Design, Business, Manufacturing and Marketing will enable learners to develop a range of products along with strategies to build business around them. Internship and live projects will provide substantial opportunities to gain first-hand experience.

Year 1

Learners gain awareness about business aspects of global fashion industry including Retail, Exports, Luxury, Domestic, Quality& Compliances, Vendor management, Supply chain and Sourcing. They are introduced to Fashion Products / Process, apparel specification drawings along with pattern making and clothing construction. Fabric knowledge, Textile design and CAD are crucial lessons in year 1 studies. Business entrepreneurship, marketing and production technology provide the necessary understanding of processes and operations involved in establishing a fashion start-up.

Year 2

Promotion & Branding, Fashion Styling and Portfolio Development are integral part of the curriculum. In year 2, the course facilitates advanced learning on business skills, financial management, business communication, functional management and CAD. The learners will undertake 4-months internship to gain relevant industry exposure and professional confidence.