Dezyne E’cole is located in Ajmer (Rajasthan).Rajasthan is a state of Rajputani Traditions, Rich Heritage and Colorful culture. Ajmer (Rajasthani: अजमेर) is the 5th largest city in Rajasthan. Ajmer is a beautiful city in the center of Rajasthan.


We are the Best and Premium College in Rajasthan for providing higher education. The wonderful and vibrant environment at Dezyne E’cole College offers quality learning resources and opportunities for social and intellectual engagement. The flow of energy is easily visible among the creative students, management students and the intellectual information technology students at work, in the act of creation and having some fun chats during their breaks.

Labs / Design Studio / Library / Auditorium

Dezyne E’cole with it State Of The Art infrastructure, spreaded over an area of 5000 Sqmt surrounded with lush green gardens and two huge buildings, has emerged as a leader with the ability to integrate knowledge, academic freedom, critical independence and creative thinking.

we have well equipped and high tech computer labs. There are separate computer labs with their required software’s available for different Departments.

Replete with a well-stocked Library and Resource Centre along with Design Studios, Drawing Studios, Art Rooms, Pattern-making Studios, Sewing and Cutting Labs, Printing and Embroidery Labs, Computer Labs, Testing Labs, Auditorium provide a world class learning experience to the students.

No wonder then, our fashion, Interior, business and IT students are most sought after for some envious live industry projects. The students and faculty working with the same creative synergies, work together on these live industry projects.

The campus is active and full of chaos at the Lunch Break where they all run around and do all crazy things you can see them wild in the campus photographs here.