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Graphic design combines art and business to become the visual fabric embedded into our daily lives. Blending imagery and language, it's the art of balancing intuitive functionality and inspired visuals. In short - it's about breathing beauty onto an otherwise ordinary landscape.

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At Dezyne École, one of Ajmer's renowned colleges for graphic design, we believe in offering students a well-rounded education. That means students stepping outside of their comfort zone and turning a passion for art into a future in design.

Want to be successful in the world of art and design? First, you've got to know the basics. That's why our Liberal Arts Department teaches a comprehensive curriculum including history, literature, the humanities, and social and physical sciences.

As a Graphic Design student at Dezyne École, you'll learn to take your artistic talent and apply it to the field of design. Graphic Design students learn to evaluate research and understand design problems by creating processes for design solutions that can be used throughout their careers. You'll learn branding, advertising, user-experience, and more—all while building a professional portfolio to prepare for life after you graduate.

Within the Graphic Design Program, outside design professionals are brought in for workshops, presentations, and advanced teaching engagements throughout the program and deliver hands-on experiences with real projects. Annual award shows are used as class assignments and many graduates have been recognized with design excellence awards worldwide. International instructors and visiting faculty bring a broader exposure to students throughout their time at Dezyne École.

In today's competitive and fast-paced business environment, it’s not enough to simply know your field; you must understand its position in the greater market and be able to communicate about your work.

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Jaydeep Singh Rajawat

Jaydeep Singh Rajawat

Class of 2023 / Graphic Design

Khushi Jangid

Khushi Jangid

Class of 2023 / Fashion Design

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