Amit Mathur

Everyone has a will to win but very few have the will to prepare to win

We at Dezyne E’cole endeavour to do the same for our students. We give them an ambience, an aura and an atmosphere which gears them up to face the industry with a systematic and scrupulous preparation.

The Four core principles followed by Dezyne E’cole College are the perfect embodiment of a futuristic college. All aspects of the college from academics to infrastructure are drawn upon the four core principles.

  1. Industry Linked
  2. Technology Based
  3. Research Driven
  4. Skill Based

We develop students based on the above core principles so that our students can become critical thinkers & productive members of an ever changing global society.
Our main trust being development of students not only in education but also in extracurricular activities too. Our teaching methodology is more research driven for students so as to make them confident.
When you will meet our college students, you will experience how confident Dezyne E’colians are.