Vinita Mathur


For more than 12 years, Dezyne E'cole College has been a beacon of strength, stability and influence in changing times. We lead through a strong commitment to the excellence of our academic experience, cultivating worthy goals and empowered achievement in ourselves and our students.

We are distinct in our leadership and impact. Our first-class faculty and holistically beneficial career education prepare students for achievement across a breadth of life’s work. We steadfastly curate and innovate our methods and pedagogy to maintain relevance in a diverse and rapidly changing world. In fact, 97% of recent Decole graduates name faculty as contributing to their success.

But we do more than prepare students to make a living; our fully immersive academic and professional experience prepares students to make a life. We approach challenge in the classroom and the real world with an eye toward action and discovery, nurturing a passion for experience and collaborative adventure within our campus community. The results? Students who go on to have uncommon success and lifelong connections, for a life well lived.

We invite you to visit, soon and often, to explore the programs and opportunities available to you here and experience firsthand Decole's legacy of passionate learners and leaders.